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Asuma WG Story Part 2
Asuma had quickly taken the food Naruto had given and devoured it all within a few minutes.  Relaxing after he ate, he tried to remember what had happened last night.
"I obviously came home, but what happened then?"
Asuma looked around the room he was in, the kitchen, and feverishly thought about what he had done in here.
"Did I eat all of this?"
The more he thought, the more his hunger grew.
"Eh, I'll figure it out later, time to go out to eat."
Asuma left his kitchen and went to his bedroom. After rummaging through his closet for some clothes that weren't too tight, a large black undershirt and green jacket he couldn't button, and headed out his door. Walking down the road heading to the village, few people seemed to notice his sudden weight gain, not that he noticed or cared. Once he arrived in the village, it was a different story. As he walked by, most people had their heads turned to stare at his somewhat now large stomach. Asuma hadn't noticed most of the stares, and w
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-REDO- Asuma's WG Story Part 1
Shikamaru and his sensei, Asuma, stood on one of the huge hills outside of the village. They always enjoyed watching the sun set together.  Asuma blew one last puff of smoke out of his mouth and dropped his cigarette on the ground. "That's the last one. It's time to give it up." Shikamaru turned his head towards his teacher, "Are you sure you wanna quit smoking?" Asuma nodded and smiled, still focused on the setting sun, "Yeah, I'm positive. I have to look good for Kurenai. I can't set a good example with a dirty habit like smoking." "Well, as long as you know what you want. Hey Asuma sensei, want to go get some ramen?" Asuma licked his lips as he thought about how delicious the ramen would be, "Mm, yeah, that sounds good."
After a short walk, Shikamaru and Asuma arrived at Ichiraku Ramen and took two of the seats. Teuchi, the owner, quickly brought them each a bowl of ramen. Shikamaru took a quick glance to his left and noticed Asuma was nearly finished with his ramen, where
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F-A-T Academy Part 2
Mr. Trust's calls was pretty boring as usual. While he talked about Rome, most others in class had their head on their desks napping, and some others had their heads turned, munching on candy and chocolates. Vayne turned his head to watch Chuck nibble on a chocolate bar while Chuck's belly swayed back and forth on top of his desk. He turned his head back, and looked down at his own stomach. He poked it as he had done earlier, and thought,  
"Maybe I could lose some weight..."
"Mind joining us back on earth, Mr. Wright?"
Vayne looked up and saw Mr. Trust staring at him.
"Oh sorry."
Mr. Trust coughed, and continued,
"Which is why we then see the appearence of-"
He was cut off as the bell rang, and Vayne sighed in relief. He pushed and struggled to get out of his tiny desk, and after about a minute, he popped out. Vayne grabbed his things and headed out the door, turning sideways to avoid being stuck. As he walked away, he heard Chuck behind his weezing and coughing.
"He must ha
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Organization 13 WG Story Part2
Demyx managed to stuff 5 hotdogs in his mouth at once, and Xigbar swallowed down the whole plate in about 20 seconds. They both charged at the second plate of hotdogs, and gulped them down as fast as possible. During this time, Xigbar's uniform was really stretching, and the zipper that was once at the top of his chest, was now at the bottom, forcing itself to stay together. Demyx, who's robe was still missing, was forcing all of the hotdogs in his mouth, and it looked like his pants were about to burst.
As Demyx shouted this, his pants ripped right off, and he was left in his boxers. He didn't seem to notice though,and as soon he stretched and stood up from his seat, the table stopped hiding his belly, and it came up and flopped down on the table. The table shook when it landed, but Demyx didn't seem to care. He waddled over to the rest of the group, and took a seat on one of the chairs.
"Guess I lost."
Xigbar stood up, and as soon as he did, the zipper flew off, which was the
:iconnarutochub:NarutoChub 22 6
Organization 13 WG Story Part1
Roxas made his bed and headed toward the door of his bedroom. He had to make sure everything was ready for his mission at Castle Oblivion.
Roxas had been sitting on the couch in the living room with some of the other members, waiting for the rest to arrive. Saix then walked in the room, and cleared his throat,
"Everyone, there has been a change of plan. Instead of Castle Oblivion, we will all be heading for Feedus Tower. No one is to return from there until your training is complete."
Roxas spoke up,
"Why are we changing locations?"
"Xemnas's orders. Now gather your things, we depart now."
Roxas picked up his things as he was told, and followed everyone else out.
Roxas was the last one to step outside of the portal, and as soon as he did, he gazed at the castle. It was huge! The castle had to be at least worth One Billion Dollars. After everyone had stopped looking at the amazment of the tower, they all headed inside. Once there, they we're greeted a man with a hood ove
:iconnarutochub:NarutoChub 22 2
F-A-T Academy Part 1
Vayne had been at the F-A-T Academy for about a month, and so far everything was great. The academy was full of students, all males,  but most of them we're overweight, including Vayne. Vayne was only 16, but his belly and body made him look 22. He had long brown surfer hair, and black eyes. The F-A-T in the name of the academy made Vayne suspicious, considering he was 300 pounds, but Mr. Howel, the 450 pound principal told him the F-A-T- meant: For Achieving Teens, which he guessed meant he was smart. All the teachers and students were male, and overweight. That was all about to change soon, but as far as Vayne knew, everything was fine.
             Vayne woke up that morning, and climbed down from his bunk, being careful not to wake his roommate, Chuck. The floor creaked as he put his chubby foot on the ground, and he crept over to the b
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Team 7 WG Story Part 3
As team 10 arrvied in the village, they heard some loud noises and banging coming from the mess hall. "What's that?" Asuma said as they all walked toward the noises. As they entered the mess hall, they were immediately greeted by 3 large bellies. Asuma's eyes poped out of his head and he stuttered to say, "What happened here." Kakashi gave a loud, satisfying burp then said. "Aw, you just missed the feast." "Feast!" Choji yelled aloud. He then proceeded to grab a plate of the food and joined in the others on eating. "Choji!" Ino and Shikamaru yelled in unison. Naruto struggled to move and managed to hand a plate to Shikamaru. "Eat up." Naruto proceeded to push the food into Shikamaru's mouth. "Grfgr.." Shikamaru swallowed his meal and then said, "This is great. Give me some more." Asuma and Ino backed up against the wall as Sakura stood up and approached them with two plates of food. "Have this and eat it." Ino strated to freak out and screamed "Get away!!" She smacked both plates of fo
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Team 7 WG Story Part 2
Naruto awoke to find Sakura and Kakashi not in their beds. He could smell lots of food coming from the food court, and decided to head down there.When he entered, he found Kakashi and Sakura, lying on the floor with huge bellies and food scattered everywhere. Kakashi's belly was flopping down on both sides of him, and his jacket was completly ripped off of him, and his undershirt was very high up on his body, stretching very hard, passing his now large man boobs. Sakura's belly wasn't as big, and was sticking up in the air. Her vest was now unzipped, and her bra was really stretching, trying to stay on. Her dress had ripped on the sides, and was being held together with one little thread of silk, shwoing her pantees. "What happened in here?" Naruto asked, astonished. Kakashi burped and then proceded to burp and then answer him, "Oh Naruto, you missed the feast. But don't worry, course two is being prepared." "Join us Naruto." Sakura beckoned. "No, get away..." Kakashi and Sakura strugg
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Team 7 WG Story Part 1
"Ready for the mission guys?" Kakashi asked as Naruto and Sakura put on their backpacks and equipment. "Where are we going again?" Naruto asked. Sakura smacked his head and replied, "We're going to the Debugakure Village. They need help there with something." "Ok lets go!" Naruto yelled as he leaped ahead of the group. "Wait Naruto." Kakashi yelled back as Sakura and him jumped behind Naruto. This was the beginning of the story.
                    "Here we are." Kakashi said as he led the group ahead into the village. Something was odd as soon as they entered the village. Everyone in the village was madly overweight. The males in the village that were overweight could barely move and were topless with huge bellies covering their whole bodies. The women in the village weren't as bad as the men and could move, but were only wearing bra tops and and small underwear bottoms. Their bellies a
:iconnarutochub:NarutoChub 28 3
Shikamaru WG Story
Shikamaru was walking down the street one day when he heard loud gulges and slurps. He looked inside Ichiraku's Ramen and saw Naruto gorging on ramen with his belly hanging on top of the counter. His jacket was already snapped in half by his enormous stomach and his shirt was crushing his gut as far as Shikamaru could see. He was actually putting the ramen bowls on his belly and eating it. "Naruto is such a pig," Shikmaru thought. As he walked by, he saw Kiba walking down the street toward him. Shikamaru eyes poped out of his head when Kiba got closer, revealing his large gut. "Hi Shikamaru." "Woah what happened?" Kiba Blushed and said "Ha, yeah Naruto and me had a little eating contest at Ichiraku 's." Kiba's belly was hanging far out of his jacket and his thighs were the size of tree trunks. Shikamaru couldn't believe his jacket hadn't ripped or his pants hadn't snapped. Shikamaru hesitated, then said,"Are you happy with that gut?" Kiba slapped his stomach a couple times and giggled
:iconnarutochub:NarutoChub 33 7


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